Donald O'Dell, Author: How the Bible became the Bible

You may be wondering, “Why would I want to read a book about the Bible?”

My book will help you think through the question, "What do I believe about the Bible?"

In fact readers have commented that between Hezbollah, Islamic terrorists, conservative nationalistic Israelis, and fundamentalist Christians – all using their scriptures to proclaim themselves to be right – to understand what the Bible is – and isn't! – is a very relevant issue right now.

Additionally, in light of the Discovery Channel's recent TV special on the Tomb of Jesus, the book's treatment (pp 141-143) of the empty grave is quite eye-opening.

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Perhaps you are one of the millions of “mainstream” church- going Christians who do not consider yourself to be a fundamental evangelical. Perhaps you have developed a deeply personal sense of spirituality as a result of your involvement in a Twelve-Step recovery program. Perhaps you have found an inner peace and calm through a form of New Thought religion, including variations of Eastern religions. Regardless, quoting scripture is probably not your “strong suit.” Neither is a fully engaged religious discussion with those that do frequently quote scripture. Consequently, we need to understand how much we humans were involved in the process that produced the Bible and then apply some common sense, grounded in recent scholarly research, on these kinds of issues.
Donald O'Dell, Author

Donald L. O'Dell holds a Master of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary and an undergraduate degree in history from North Texas.

As an ordained United Presbyterian minister, he served as a street gang minister in Trenton, NJ. In addition he had two separate pastorates in Oklahoma, where he also served as Chaplain in a county hospital.

He continued to serve smaller congregations after he joined the private sector in business. Semi-retired, Don resides in Tennessee with his wife, Marcia. He is active with a proposal consulting business.

He also remains an active participant in a New Thought spiritual groups and congregations.

This is a book of my spiritual journey. For many years it's clearly been for me, and others I have spoken with, a self discovery tool; it is also a formidable bible study guide to help anyone with the context of researching the Bible.